Energize and Illuminate Your Business

Our systems are modular and easily stackable, starting from 5 kWh for the energy storage battery. It can finely match different capacity requirements, flexibly adapting to various small commercial and industrial system requirements. Free from the high requirements for the installation environment like the traditional cabinet ESS. The modular design with quick connectors enables easy installation just like building blocks.

One for All business

expanding from residential to C&I

SigenStor is suitable for both residential and C&I settings. Its uniform product design means identical installation, commissioning, and maintenance processes, unified warehouse SKUs, and consistent branding. Residential installers do not require special training or skills to handle C&I projects with SigenStor, allowing a two-person team to complete system installation.

    Easy Installation


    Fast Commissioning


    Effortless O&M


One for All systems

operating in both on-grid & micro-grid

SigenStor can operate in DC-coupled solar-storage-charging mode or in AC-coupled mode with retrofitting. Paired with Sigen’s Energy Gateway, it can support up to 20 parallel devices in one matrix, enabling seamless on-grid, off-grid, and micro-grid operation






One for All places

no restrictions, make 'everywhere' installable

Container-based energy storage solutions are bulky, occupying large areas and requiring specific installation conditions that may not be feasible in constrained or urban environments.

SigenStor's compact, modular design and stackable installation options allow flexible placement in diverse settings such as wineries, schools, hospitals, factories, malls, offices, and communities, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.


    Compact Footprint


    Modular Design


    Stackable Installation


All-round Safety

Sigenergy provides you with the best possible safety protection for your assets and personnel. Our 5-layer proactive safety protection in packs and 5-layer system protection which rapidly cut off energy input effectively blocks any potential danger. Moreover, SigenStor can switch to the backup mode in 0 ms, ensuring a safer power supply for your businesses.

    System protection


    Battery protection

    0 ms

    Load-side disruption

Simple Installation

Saving Time & Cost

Light weight stacks, no special cranes are needed.

Stackable modular units, simple to install.

No foundations required, small footprint.

Simple Commissioning

Multiple stacks, 10 minutes

SigenStor deploys innovative self-detection and network connection features with fast ethernet communication throughout the whole system. On a parallel system, you can scan any QR code on any Sigen Energy Controller to start 5-step ultra-fast commissioning process via the mySigen App.

Simple Yet Reliable

O&M Not Required!

    System protection rating,
    designed for maintenance-free projects


    Active battery balancing,
    no need for regular SOC calibration


    Easily replace fault modules,
    not affecting the whole system operation

Sigen Cloud

Total Control, Anytime, Anywhere

One screen to track all your SigenStor power plants

GPT-4 integrated for instant & hassle free technical assistance

Sigen AI mode to provide better financial returns