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Sigenergy Points Program

The Sigenergy Points Program is to incentivise and reward installers which can be classified as gold, silver and Certified / Registered installers. Installers can earn points to redeem products and gifts based on the cumulative installed capacity, customer service and other events and activities of Sigenergy. Installers can upgrade to next level as they enough ponits.

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Certification & Incentive Program

Tiered installer responsible to different requirements

Certified Installer
Silver Installer
Gold Installer
Register Installer
Signed Service Agreement
Training and Pass Exam
Points Attained
x 1.0
x 1.1
x 1.2
Selection Criteria
Top 10%~30% of each market
Top 10% of each market

What benefits
do we offer

Online Promotion
Installers will be shown Sigenergy installer map and press release can be promoted on our website.
Strategy Signing
Installers are welcomed to a strategic signing ceremony for press release.
Installer Day
Sigenergy hold onsite meetings for installers to learn about latest product and solutions
Sigenergy will periodically hold gatherings and cocktail parties to deepen communication with installers.
Marketing Support
Sigenergy support installers for their regional exhibition including dummies, gifts, brochure, etc.
Training & Certification
We offer continuous technical training to prepare you and uplift your skills. You can earn more customer trust by getting certified.

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