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Simply a better solution

for you and your customer

Time is money in every business. We at Sigenergy strive to develop installer-friendly energy systems that are quick to install and easy to commission. Saving time and cost for you and your customers. What's more, our energy solutions are capable and reliable in the long run, so you can recommend us with confidence.
    install sigenergy home battery

    Modular & Stackable

    Quick Installation

    Our latest 5-in-one energy storage system, SigenStor, is highly flexible, and capable of scaling from 5 kWh to 48 kWh per unit to meet the needs of diverse customers.

    With self-guiding pin connectors in between modules, you can simply stack them to connect each block without any field wiring. Effectively reducing installation time and effort.Solar battery & inverter installation has never been easier.

    solar battery install & solar app

    Instant Commissioning

    One App does it all

    To start the installed system, our mySigen super App auto networks and scans quickly to make sure all parts are good to go. With minimal configuration, the whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

    This App will be your best companion even beyond installation day.

    sigenergy solar inverter manufacturing

    Quality Built

    Superior Safety

    Our advanced factory is equipped with EV-grade manufacturing & testing technology to ensure product quality is always industry leading.

    Our signature SigenShield muti-layer battery safety innovation provides ultimate peace of mind for you and your customers.

    solar installation

    Optimized Experience

    A touch of AI

    By leveraging cloud computing, big data & machine learning, all aspects and real-time status of deployed systems are visible to you and your customers.

    The system is smart enough to self-detect any issues and even self-evolve to help owners optimize energy usage and savings.

A versatile solution for all

Our system is configurable in many ways to meet the unique needs of different customers.

Owner’s objective
Solar only
Storage only
Solar + Storage
Solar + Storage + DC EV Charging
Solar + DC EV Charging
Save on energy bill
Manage from App
Reduce carbon footprint
Add an AC generator during outage
Take part in VPP programs
Grid outage backup
Extended outage backup *
Fast DC EV charging
* Extended outage backup can be achieved via V2X, meaning leveraging EV power to supply energy to home.

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