Jun 18, 2024

See Sigenergy’s Advanced Energy Storage System at Intersolar Europe 2024!

Intersolar Europe, the premier exhibition and conference dedicated to the solar energy industry, is set to illuminate the sector's latest advancements from June 19th to 21st, 2024, in Munich, Germany. It is one of the largest exhibitions related to the solar energy industry in the European market, which offers a platform to showcase cutting-edge PV technologies, present advanced energy storage systems, hold consequential discussions, and forge significant partnerships.

The European solar energy industry is undergoing a significant transformation characterized by rapid growth and strategic developments. With solar energy being the fastest-growing source in the EU and a projected capacity increase to nearly 600 GW by 2030[1], the region is making substantial strides toward becoming a leader in renewable energy. To face this growth and resort to the “next move” tactically, Intersolar Europe 2024 promises to connect stakeholders from various segments of the industry, from manufacturers and suppliers to researchers and policymakers, to dig into the future of the solar energy industry.

As one of the leading providers of residential and C&I energy storage solutions, Sigenergy is going to continue to make a significant impact at Intersolar Europe 2024. Sigenergy’s booth, #B1.579, is located in the bustling exhibition halls of Munich, Messe München.

This event promises to be a pivotal moment for Sigenergy, as the company will unveil the latest advancements and explore new partnerships under the bright, optimistic skies of one of Europe's leading solar gatherings.

Residential Energy Storage Solution: How Sigenergy Makes Every Family Utilize Solar Energy with Simplicity

According to the data, the residential energy storage market in Europe is on a trajectory of robust growth, projected to expand to a market size of approximately $803.88 million by 2032[2]. This market is experiencing a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 18%[2] during the forecast period, driven by a surge in installations of residential solar energy systems and a growing demand for reliable and cost-effective energy solutions across the continent.

In this vast potential market, Sigenergy’s SigenStor, an advanced energy storage system for homes, will be showcased in Intersolar Europe 2024. It can bring every family an integrated, sophisticated, but simple and powerful experience. Here’s why:

1. Comprehensive Integration

For a conventional energy storage system, a standard setup might include an independent solar inverter connected to the solar panels, a separate battery storage system, and another standalone unit for electric vehicle charging. Each of these units operates independently and might require separate management and monitoring systems.

However, SigenStor integrates the critical components into a straightforward stack, including solar inverter, EV DC charging module, battery PCS (Power Conversion System), battery pack, and EMS (Energy Management System).

By consolidating these functions, this advanced energy storage system not only simplifies the user interface but also enhances the working efficiency of the installer. SigenStor can reduce the installation time to a mere 15 minutes (for 1 controller and 3 batteries configuration) and commissioning time to 5 minutes, by SigenStor’s  modular design concept and advanced network capabilities to enable automatic device networking, topology generation, and parameter configuration. This is a significant improvement over traditional energy systems that can take much longer to set up.

2. Flexible Power Supply

In recent years, Europe has experienced a series of extreme weather events like heat waves in 2022 in Spain[3], extreme rainfall in 2023 in Germany[4], and more. These sudden events have had a significant impact on the stable on-grid power supply. SigenStor can let families enjoy the energy during power outages: paired with Sigenergy’s Energy Gateway, SigenStor can switch to energy storage systems automatically in 0 ms as a power blackout occurs. This ensures that homes remain powered even during outages caused by extreme weather conditions and peak times.

Plus, we make clients maximize the functionality of the advanced energy storage system. By stacking 1-6 battery modules, SigenStor allows homeowners to scale their energy storage based on current and future energy usage. Families can increase capacity from 5 kWh to 37 kWh simply to meet more considerable power demands, such as charging electric vehicles or installing more home appliances.

3. Safe Operation

Safety in the operation of energy storage systems is a fundamental necessity that underpins the very effectiveness and viability of energy storage as a solution for future energy demands.

Sigenergy always puts innovation and operational safety as a priority. The advanced energy storage system, SigenStor, has a comprehensive 5-layer battery, including advanced temperature sensors, internal fire extinguishers, aerogel-insulated pads, decompression valves, and high-temperature-resistant insulated pads. That safety mechanism lowers the chances of safety risks like thermal runaway, short circuit, or even explosion.

Additionally, the SigenStor is equipped with an IP66 protection rating. This certification means that the system is entirely dust-tight and protected against heavy jets of water, making it exceptionally resilient in adverse weather conditions. Whether installed in outdoor areas exposed to the elements or in potentially damp environments like basements, our system is built to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining safe operation.

4. AI-Powered Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a mystery for ordinary people anymore. Instead, it is an ordinary tool to improve the quality of life for everyone now. The SigenStor has set a new mark on the solar industry: the advanced energy storage system utilizes an AI-powered algorithm to analyze energy usage by integrating local climate conditions, simply optimizing users' energy consumption.

Besides, the company also developed and created the first App equipped with one of the most advanced LLMs, GPT-4, in the solar energy industry, named mySigen App. In it, users can ask any questions they might have about engineering issues about the advanced energy storage system, house energy analysis, and more, providing instant, informed technical support without any anxiety.

C&I Energy Storage System: How Sigenergy Caters for Large-Scale Commercial Power Demand

Every year, thousands of suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and solar energy demanders visit Intersolar Europe and seek commercial energy storage solutions to boost their business and serve their clients. This year, Sigenergy also takes C&I solution for meeting the new demands in industrial and commercial power storage. For large power consumption in commercial use and different commercial applications,  SigenStor and SigenStack can wield their power stronger. Here’s how:

1. SigenStor for C&I

Sigenergy will bring the commercial energy storage solution, the SigenStor for C&I, to Intersolar Europe 2024. This is innovatively designed for small to medium-sized C&I projects. Here’s the details:

  • Parallel Connection

This system stands out by allowing multiple SigenStor units to be connected in parallel, which can scale up significantly by connecting up to 20 systems in a single array configuration. For a single SigenStor unit, it can accommodate up to 6 battery packs, reaching a total of 48 kWh (each battery module is 8kWh). This flexibility enables a tailored fit for various energy requirements for business needs, offering scalable storage capacities and expanding the capacity ranging from 48 kWh to as much as 960 kWh as their energy demands grow.

  • Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Savings

Expenditure is the lifeblood of any business. When investing in a C&I energy solution, you need to consider its CapEx, including its subordinated purchase, maintenance, and more. SigenStor offers businesses an attractive value proposition, enabling significant CAPEX savings. Here’s how:

Space Efficiency: Leveraging a 5-in-1 integration and stackable design, SigenStor reduces physical footprint by 50%, freeing up valuable space for other critical operations or reducing the size of energy rooms.

Labor Cost Reduction: The streamlined installation process significantly cuts down on the use of cables and reduces the labor involved, which can lead to substantial cost reductions upfront.

Robust Protection: With an IP66 rating, this advanced energy storage system is safeguarded against dust and water, ensuring stable operation in diverse environmental conditions and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Battery Longevity: The ability to mix new and old batteries not only extends the lifecycle of existing assets but also optimizes overall battery health management, reducing replacement costs and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Enhanced Energy Yields

By generating or storing more energy per unit of input, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on grid electricity, leading to substantial utility cost savings. This advanced energy storage system has been equipped with multi-MPPT technology to enhance the efficiency of the solar energy system, maximizing energy capture even under varying sunlight conditions.

2. SigenStack

And in Intersolar Europe 2024, Sigenergy welcomes everybody to come to Booth B1.579 to experience the latest C&I solution release: SigenStack. Here’s a glimpse:

Targeted Energy Range: SigenStack is designed to cater specifically to larger C&I projects, providing a robust solution tailored to larger-scale energy needs.

Integrated Hybrid Technology: This advanced energy storage system integrates Sigenergy's state-of-the-art hybrid inverter designed for C&I scenario, along with the C&I battery pack storage. It ensures efficient energy conversion and storage, optimizing both solar input and energy output.

Advanced Industrial Design: SigenStack excels in its industrial design, featuring outstanding dissipation performance that ensures longevity and reliability even under intense operational demands. Plus, the identical family’s stackable battery structure not only saves space but also allows for expansion, accommodating growing energy needs without the hassle.

Want to know more details? We invite you to delve deeper into the capabilities at Sigenergy’s booth at Intersolar Europe 2024, Booth B1.579. Our excellent team will be on site to showcase the sophisticated engineering and versatile applications of SigenStack. It's a perfect opportunity to see this C&I release in action.

Waiting for Your Visit: Why You Should Collaborate with Sigenergy?

As one of the leading exhibitions of the solar energy industry, Intersolar Europe is a hub for understanding the solar energy industry further in order to build a more sustainable society. And in Sigenergy’s booth B1.579, we will present our advanced energy storage system in residential and commercial use to the Europe and the world.

At Sigenergy, we are dedicated to developing next-generation energy solutions that blend cutting-edge power electronics, digital, and AI technologies to ensure optimum safety and performance. With 70% of our team comprised of R&D personnel, our commitment to innovation and quality is unmatched. These are why we have become the finalist of THE Smarter E AWARD, which is the most reputable professional recognition in the solar industry worldwide. And it is our privilege to be introduced by the organizer to let the world know about Sigenergy and our product.

Waiting for you to visit our booth at Intersolar Europe 2024, B1.579!


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