Mar 21, 2024

Sigenergy and Frank Energie Lead the Way in Energy Transition with Innovative Collaboration

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Sigenergy and Frank Energie announce their strategic partnership, setting the tone for the future of energy transition. Both companies are joining forces to provide advanced energy solutions that are not only sustainable but also economically beneficial for consumers.


Frank Energie, known for its dynamic energy contracts with green energy, has established itself as a digital pioneer in the energy sector in the Netherlands. The focus is on optimizing energy use and encouraging cost savings for customers while supporting the transition to green energy.


Sigenergy, on the other hand, brings its expertise in AI technology-based energy solutions, such as the revolutionary MySigen App. This app provides real-time adjustments to fluctuating electricity rates and integrates weather data to ensure optimal savings on energy bills. With features such as storing energy in batteries during low tariff periods and selling or using stored energy during peak times, Sigenergy supports more flexible and efficient energy management.


The collaboration between Sigenergy and Frank Energie is aimed at maximizing the potential of energy storage and trading on various energy markets. This includes the day-ahead market of the European Power Exchange (EPEX), the imbalance market, and the emerging congestion market. Frank Energie is committed to leveraging these markets for the economically optimal management of the battery fleet, focusing on the most advantageous moments for both buying and selling energy.


Chongyang Chen, General Manager of Western Europe at Sigenergy, emphasizes the importance of the partnership: "We are excited to collaborate with Frank Energie. Together, we will accelerate the adoption of our 5-in-1 energy storage system, SigenStor, which combines PV, energy storage, and EV DC fast charging, enabling more Dutch households and families to adopt sustainable energy practices."