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    Why the power generation of the inverter is low?
    Check the following items:
    1. If AC wire diameter is suitable;
    2. Is there any error message displayed on the inverter;
    3. If the option of inverter’s safety country is right;
    4. If it is shielded or there is dust on the PV panels.
    Certain accessories are missing.
    If you can't find certain accessories during installation, please check the accessories list in the user manual and contact your dealer or the field Sigenergy service center.
    Does the inverter need to be earth ground?
    The AC side of the inverter is force to earth. After the inverter is powered on, the external protection earth conductor should be kept connected.
    WLAN configuration is finished, but there is no monitoring data.
     After WLAN has been configured, please go to Sigenergy website to register the equipment, or through mySigen APP to quickly register your equipment.
    I can't save settings on mySigen App.
    1.Make sure you are connected WLAN or make sure the home page shows the connection is OK.
    2.Make sure it's under waiting mode (on App) before you change any settings on mySigen App.
    3.If all these steps do not work, please contact the field Sigenergy service center.
    There is a large power fluctuation on battery charge/discharge.
    Please check the following items:
    1.Check if there is a fluctuation on load power;
    2.Check if there is a fluctuation on PV power on Sigenergy Portal.
    If everything is ok but the problem persists, please contact field Sigenergy service center.
    What's the ambient temperature range for SigenStor to safely operate ?
    The ambient temperature range is -20℃ ~ 55℃.
    I can't find the user manual.
    Please head to the 'Download' section of this page and select relevant user manual you want to download. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact the field Sigenergy service center.
    How do I best prepare for installation ?
    For pre-installation check please find the steps as follows:
    1. According to the packing list, check whether the components are complete and in good appearance. If any abnormality occurs, contact your sales agent in time.
    2. Check personal protective equipment and installation tools to ensure that they are complete; If not, please make them up.
    3. Check the customer-provided cable to ensure that the quantity and specifications are correct; if not, prepare again.
    How long does the commissioning take?
    About 5min for residential project
    About 10mins for C&I project
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